TATU MARCHESAN is committed to the transparency, privacy, and security of its client’s data throughout the full process of interaction with its website.

Upon agreement to the terms of this Privacy Policy, consent is given to process personal data by MARCHESAN IMPLEMENTOS E MÁQUINAS AGRÍCOLAS “TATU” S.A., registered with the CNPJ under No. 52.311.289/0001-63, located at Av. Marchesan, nº 1.979, Distrito Industrial, Matão, São Paulo state, CEP 15.994-900 (henceforth “TATU MARCHESAN”) for the following purpose(s):

  • Registration: TATU MARCHESAN may collect some of my personal data during registration. These data are used so that MARCHESAN may comply with its client obligations, offer new products/services, respond to technical assistance requests, respond to questions, provide technical assistance service and/or maintenance, and issue invoices resulting from products acquired or services rendered.
  • Technical Delivery: TATU MARCHESAN may collect some of my personal data in order to issue the invoice after the technical delivery, as well as register the technical delivery operation, validated by signature of the acceptance agreement and completion of the RTC – Field Technical Report.
  • Business Proposal: Upon receiving a request for pricing, TATU MARCHESAN creates a business proposal and to carry out its implementation some of my personal data is required. The personal data required is collected by way of a form attached to this Term of Consent. The form should be completed by the person whose personal data is provided or by a person who has been previously authorized to do so.
  • Your rights: The Brazilian Data Protection Law (Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados – LGPD) gives clients the right to request from TATU MARCHESAN at any time, by way of a formal request, information regarding the data that has been processed.

TATU MARCHESAN utilizes the best security protocols to protect the privacy of its clients, but also recommends individual protection measures.

To maintain security and protection of the personal data provided in the registration or purchase process, under no circumstances should your login or password be provided to third parties. When using public computers, be certain to log out of your account to avoid access of your personal data by unauthorized persons and/or use of your private data without your knowledge.

We do not request personal data by telephone, WhatsApp, SMS, or e-mail. Should you receive such a request, under no circumstance should you provide your personal data, as it may be an attempt to obtain your data for improper use.

This policy shall be governed, interpreted, and executed in accordance with the Federative Republic of Brazil, especially Law no 13.709.


By way of this Term of Consent, I explicitly declare that:

  1. I am conscious that all of the personal data requested on the form(s) are essential for the serving the purposes for which the information was provided, and providing incomplete or incorrect information may delay or impede MARCHESAN to comply with its obligations and responsibilities in an appropriate manner;
  2. My personal data may only be processed in accordance with Law no 13.709 from August 14, 2018 , also known as the Brazilian Data Protection Law (Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados – LGPD);
  3. MARCHESAN may process my personal data without my consent under the following circumstances: (a) to comply with legal or regulatory obligations; (b) when necessary to execute the contract or the preliminary procedures related to the contract under which I engage with Marchesan and at my request  (c) to exercise rights in a legal, arbitral, or administrative proceeding; (d) to protect my life or my physical well-being, or that of another person; (e) for health protection, except in cases for which fundamental rights and freedoms that require my personal data take prevalence; and (f) to protect credit;
  4. MARCHESAN may share my personal data with third parties, especially with service providers, retailers and business partners, but only under the strict compliance of the Brazilian Data Protection Law and for the serving the purposes for which the information was provided;
  5. As the holder of the personal data, I recognize my rights to have access to the information about the processing of my personal data, including the (a) confirmation of the existence of an operation of processing my personal data; (b) access to the personal data; (c) correction of incomplete, incorrect or outdated data; (d) anonymization, block or erasure of data that may be unnecessary, excessive or processed with noncompliance of the provisions of the law; (e) data transfer to another product or service provider in accordance with explicit request; (f) erasure of personal data processed with my consent, save for exceptional circumstances under the law; (g) information from the public and private entities with which my personal data has been shared; (h) information about the possibility of not sharing my consent and its negative consequences; (i) petition the national authority as it pertains to my data, or oppose the processing performed based on one of the foreseen circumstances for my consent waiver.

Should I wish to exercise any of my rights related to the protection of my personal data, under the existing legislation, I may contact MARCHESAN by e-mail: dpo@marchesan.com.br.