Tatu Marchesan Code of Conduct

Tatu Marchesan Code of Conduct main purpose is to reinforce the corporation governance system by providing awareness to every employee through fundamental guidelines in order to assist in ethical decisions, which reflects Tatu Marchesan principles and values ​​and serve as a reference for all guidelines, company norms and practices. It also establishes a standard of conduct for everyone involved in the company’s business: members of the board of directors, shareholders, directors, employees, suppliers and customers, based on ethics, transparency and respect for people and institutions.

This Code of Conduct also defined the creation of an Ethics Committee, formed by the responsible of Human Resources, Risk Management and Internal Controls and Legal Management, in order to lead the analysis of complaints received by the company.

In order to manage the Tatu Marchesan Complaint Channel, that guarantees the anonymity to the complainant, Marchesan hired Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu corporate consulting and auditing company.

The insertion of Tatu Marchesan Code of Conduct and Complaint Channel is a milestone for the company sustain an effective integrity program and provides to everybody a clear understanding of the conducts that guides business and Company relationships.

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